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london house 3d model | modern house 3d model free

3D model of building in the city of London

Nowadays, most of those who want to have an independent house in London start the project by drawing a 3D architectural project after designing the architectural project. At the same time, investors in London also prefer this method when offering to sell housing. You can make modifications to an existing home or you can design your dream home from scratch. 3D built projects are built by interior architects in London who are experts in their fields. Plans are made on clear areas such as the architecture of the house, its installation, revision.

It is necessary to complete the map before starting the construction phase. All rooms, exterior and interior are drawn as a result of careful evaluations. These paintings are first made as a two-dimensional technique. The house model drawn in 2D is made in 3D through computer programs. As a 3D house design company, you can benefit from our 3D architectural design services. You can start your dream house project with the most obvious steps.

Why are 3D housing plans done?

Those who want to own a new house in the city of London, want the house model to be useful and the decoration to be harmonious. Thanks to technology, it is possible to see the final condition of a house before buying or building it. The plan of the houses is determined by making a 3D drawing of the house. In this way, customers see the house they want to buy. This is a drawing technique that is important for project approval. It is done in order to be able to sell to the customer reliably. Projects under construction are approved with this drawing technique in a shorter period of time.

New modeling and corrections in 3D architectural drawings have become easier. For this reason, drawings from a three-dimensional perspective are preferred. The cost of the house can also be determined on the map. 3D house design is made for the implementation of projects. In our company, drawings are made with attention to the smallest details. You can also get services from our architects to produce quality projects.

What are the advantages of 3D architectural design in London?

3D floor plans drawn in London, which are very important before starting the construction of a house, offer many advantages. This ensures that the model of the house fits in the customer’s mind. 3D maps are also useful for architects who do interior design. By evaluating the map, you can easily determine the color of the interior, furniture and decoration pieces. The objects used in the interior of the house can be clearly selected from the physical dimension. Adjusting the size of the room is easier.

In 3D architectural design, mechanical and electrical installations can be freed from complexity. All imagination can join the painting. It provides convenience when starting construction because it is very close to reality. Since it is a live image, the time to convince the customer is also short. You can achieve your dream with 3D house design services made by our interior architects in our company. You can gain clients with confidence by making big strides in the construction industry.

The price of 3D architectural drawing in London

The technique of drawing a 3D house for a house whose construction has not started or where a change has been requested has a wide range in terms of price. Carefully and accurately drawn plans vary in price according to the size of the house. The drawing of one-story and small houses is done at a more reasonable price. When more than one architect is working on the project, the prices increase.

The larger the area to be worked on, the more expensive the prices will be. For example, in Manchester or Liverpool, the prices differ according to the time of the draw. 3D architectural drawings that are done in 1-2 weeks are more affordable. As an all-rendering company, the price of our 3D house design that we offer to our dear customers is more reasonable than the market. If you want to get services while keeping your budget, you can choose our company. The architectural design of your dreams is done in a short time with the most advanced techniques.

3D model of building in London SIS Building in London is a professional 3D model with high detail and excellent quality for use in 3D design. Our company in the city of London is a high-quality and accurate model of the headquarters of the British Security Organization in London, and in most of the James Bond films, views of this building have been shown. This 3D model is available in FBX and MAX formats and comes with textures and materials.

Various models of 3D building design are placed at the bottom of the page, which you can get for free and for money and start changing them.

London house 3D models

In all interior decorations, apart from furniture, there are other materials that have an impact on decoration as much as furniture. Modern wall paper designs that completely change the atmosphere of the space and give a very different style to the environment in home layout, office decoration or any interior decoration are the 3D wall papers of the house. By using this decoration material, you can make the area of ​​your house very different from other parts. It’s possible to find wallpapers in every style, from waterfalls to puffy clouds, from colorful rainbows to more futuristic art designs that make you want to touch them to see if they’re almost real. Are they or not? You can even use different patterns in your most decisive decoration, where classic patterns are combined with modern designs.

Combine different decorative styles in London homes

It is very difficult to use striped or checkered wallpaper for home decoration in London. If you cover all the walls with these papers, it can be a stunning decoration of the room. For this reason, it is necessary to use such decisive patterns on the main walls of the room. For example, you can cover two walls of a room that is covered with plain, light-colored home wallpaper, with papers decorated with long vertical lines. At the same time, you can also use checkered or geometric patterned wallpapers on these two walls. The patterns of these papers should be in harmony with the overall color scale of the room. Such wallpapers, which are placed in small areas, give a completely different atmosphere to the room.

The most popular wallpapers in London

It is not wrong to say that 3D wallpapers with stone design are the most popular decorative materials in recent times. You can find these very realistic wallpapers that give the impression that almost the entire room is paved with stone, models made of old fried bricks, models with large white stones or floor models. granite It should not be forgotten that these home wallpapers, which you can choose according to harmony with your furniture, will make the room very dark if they are dark in color. At the same time, all your items should be in harmony with the color and style of this stone. To learn more about the models and how to place the wallpaper, we recommend you to take a look at our modern home wallpapers.


3D project plans of 5 modern detached houses in London

Design and construction of Lithaus. Design and construction of Lithaus

Before building a house, it is necessary to prepare a project that shows all the details. Thanks to technological systems, two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects for houses can be prepared. In this way, the person who will own the house can see the house with all its details. 3D house plans are projects that show the construction status of a house at the project stage. Project companies and professional architects can avoid problems that may occur during the project stage by revealing the concrete version of each room and each living space of the house with a 3D house drawing. Especially for garden house design, 3D drawings reveal the harmony of garden and house.

When designing a 3D house in London, you can get an idea of ​​the status of important details such as the location of the house, garden area, terrace and balcony areas after they are built and you can request revisions. For this reason, before building your house, you should prepare 3D plans and projects of the house and see all the details in advance.

Thanks to the development of technology, we live in a practical and fast-paced age in London where everything is easier. Of course, the advantages of these developments make the work easier when making architectural and decoration designs and implementing these designs. In addition, thanks to the 3D architectural and decorative maps that are the advantages of technology, you now have the chance to see your dream home without building them.

In today’s article, we will explore 5 detailed 3D architectural project plans, especially for readers who want to build a house on their land or land. These independent house projects, each with one floor, have exemplary and inspiring features as a summer house or vineyard. Let’s look together…

garden view

You can see the view of the garden and the harmony of the view with the exterior of the house by making a 3D plan while preparing your home projects. Before building a detached house, you can take a look at our article “10 Fantastic Detached House Projects with Construction Plans” and get ideas to decide on its design or architectural structure.

1- Contemporary ceiling design

The most important feature of 3D floor plans is that you can know exactly what your home will look like after the construction process, even before the foundation is poured. Of course, the first thing that attracts attention in this first model house with a modern design is the roof design, which is made with modern technology. This layered roof unit, which increases the height of the roof and the strength of the insulation, also contributes to the attractiveness of the house. A semi-closed garage area is also designed for the family car in front of the house. The smooth transition of open spaces and indoor living spaces on the exterior, where black, light gray and wood colors are interwoven, is also quite noticeable.

2- Modern family house

In the second example, we come across a roof model that is similar to the previous roof technique, but smoother and simpler. The modernity of the gray colors and the lush beauty of the manicured lawn of the garden come together to create a wonderful modern family home. The cobblestone passage that extends from the garden gate to the terrace is also a beautiful detail.

3- An innovative interpretation of a wooden house

This modern wooden house with a large balcony creates a style that combines the naturalness of the rustic style with contemporary architecture. The most obvious feature of the house is that it has a lot of open space on both sides. In the architecture that represents a lifestyle intertwined with nature and the surrounding garden, one can notice that the part of the living room that opens to the garden is covered with large glass panels, thus creating a large space in the interior spaces.

4- Simple and stylish

The architecture of this example, which is conveyed by a simpler design, is still an example of modern design. The sloping roof model of the house in classic style, which is more prominent and magnificent with gray concrete columns, gives it a magnificent and dynamic style.

5- A glamorous modernity

And we end our article with a 3D architectural design that brings together modern architectural details with classical grandeur, creating a striking and eye-catching aesthetic. From the roof to its columned entrance, from the gorgeous landscape design in the garden to its spaciousness.

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